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WordPress Blogging and Blog Growth Training Course
Tue, 8/12/09 – 21:46 | No Comment

G9 Media has been developing, managing and advising people on their business blog strategies for over three years. Recently we’ve been asked to present formal training courses on WordPress and blogging strategies so we thought we’d  share these slides with you. Blogging has great benefits for businesses of all sizes, if you haven’t looked into the benefits for your business then you really should. If however you already have one then look at my slides below which should help you blog with ease and assist you in growing your readership.

Achieve WordPress Blogging Success

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The course followed the following format:


· Ice breaker

· Discuss Blogging

· (brainstorm) – Blogging Goals

Using WordPress

· Overview of features

· Creating Content: Posts vs. Pages

· Exercise – How to Write a Page

· How to Write a Post

· Exercise – Write a Post

· Add Media

· Exercise – Add Media

· Managing Posts

· Managing the Media Library

· Managing Links

· Categories Explained

· Managing Tags

· Updating Your Profile (includes changing your password)

· Managing Comments

· Fighting SPAM with Akismet

· Managing Users

Blog Procedures

· User Roles Explained

· The Dashboard

Blog Strategy

· Blog Vision

· Goals


· Introduction

· Visitors/Customers

· Effective content

· Image optimisation (demo)

· Demo – Research

· Engage

· Promoting


· Analytics

· Heat maps

Blog Configuration and Customisation

· Overview of different settings

· Using Plugins

· Editing The Theme

· Working with Widgets

Blog Administration

· Best Practices for Upgrading

· Managing Users